Why Prescription Medical Glasses Matter.

  Prescription medical safety glasses are important for eye safety.  The medical safety glasses act as a barrier to protect your eyes from debris, dust, chemical splashes, bodily fluids, and other foreign substances. Protective medical glasses also help prevent viral transmission through the eyes. The glasses you choose need to be suitable for the activity you are performing.  It is important to have properly fitting prescription medical safety glasses because you are not always able to adjust your glasses during certain critical processes.  You may be wearing protective gloves making it awkward and difficult, or you may be working with chemicals or other fluids making it unsafe to touch your glasses.  Accidents can also happen therefore safety level glasses with impact toughness would be required.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports approximately 2,000 US workers sustain job-related eye injuries that require medical treatment every day. This number can be significantly reduced by wearing the correct eye protection while on the job. Optometrists and safety experts believe eye injuries can decreased by as much as 90% when proper precautions are taken which include actions as simple as wearing proper eye protection.  There are additional issues particular to the medical and laboratory professions, such as eye injuries due to splashes, respiratory droplets, touching the eyes with contaminated fingers or other contaminated objects. This includes every worker in these environments such as operating room personnel, dentist, lab technicians, janitors, and office personnel that travel into these areas. Therefore, it is crucial in these industries to have properly fitting medical glasses.  Glasses need to be selected for the activity that you are preforming.  In some cases, googles or face shields are required for extra protection.  Some glasses have removable temples that can be replaced with a strap for a snugger fit.

The proper medical safety glasses have lens material that has impact toughness for accidents and durability for everyday use.  Polycarbonate lens material is 10 times more impact and shatter resistant than the typical CR-39 plastic lens material used in fashion glasses.  Polycarbonate lens material is also exceptionally durable, wear resistance and more scratch resistant than plastic lens material.  An additional advantage of polycarbonate lens material is their lightweight attribute.  Because they are lightweight, they can be worn all day without compromising comfort.  Paramount Optical uses polycarbonate lens material in the medical glasses we offer.  Furthermore, our medical eyeglass frames are certified safety frames.   The frames are durable and robust which will stand up to harsh environments for long lasting service. 

Prescription medical glasses are fitted to your face for comfort and safety.  Using non-prescription fit-overs can be uncomfortable with pinch points that can cause irritation to your face.  If the fit overs do not fit proper, they will not provide the same amount of protection as a prescription pair of medical glasses.  The fit-overs can easily move or slip down your face causing distorted vision at critical time during your procedure or active.  As mentioned earlier in this article it may not be safe to adjust them because of environmental conditions.  Additional, fit overs have been known to perpetrate scratches to your fashion glasses they are covering.  Properly fitted prescription medical glasses can alleviate all these issues and give you confidence and reassurance that you are protected, and your vision is not distorted while performing your essential activities.