Why Prescription Safety Glasses

You might ask yourself, why do I need prescription safety glasses if I already have and wear regular prescription glasses. In many industrial settings safety glasses are required.  If you are not wearing them, you could put yourself and your company at risk. Even if safety glasses are not required at your work location, they are a good option for protecting your eyes from dust, debris, sparks, and heat. There are the plain safety glasses with no prescription that can be worn over top of your regular prescription glasses that will provide you protection from the various items mentioned above.  However, wearing plain safety glasses over your regular prescription glasses are uncomfortable and may cause pinch points. The safety glasses you wear over your regular pair of dress glasses could scratch the lenses of you regular glasses as well as the frames.  This will affect your vision looking through scratched lenses and the appearance of your glasses will be diminished with scratched frames. Further, the plain safety glasses that come out of a box or dispenser do not have an anti-reflecting coating applied. Even though your regular prescription glasses may have an anti-reflective coating applied you may still encounter glare from the plain safety glasses worn over your regular glasses.  Prescription safety glasses on the other hand can have an anti-reflective coating applied and you will not have the plain fit overs getting in the way and feeling uncomfortable.
Wearing regular prescription glasses in a work area with activities that have the potential to cause airborne dust and debris is not recommended. Prescription safety glasses are designed to provide protection for your eyes from flying dust and debris.  You regular prescription glasses are not equipped to provide this kind of protection. Safety frames are more robust and can hold up under more harsh and hazardous environments than a regular pair of glasses.  You may not thing of your workplace environment as hazardous, but with machines, workers moving things around, and various tool usage the potential is always there to encounter a foreign object or another person’s elbow that would engage your eyeglasses. The frames of a regular pair of glasses would have a hard time holding up under these conditions.
Besides the frames, safety glasses have lenses made of polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate lens material is the standard for prescription safety glasses.  Its popularity is due to its light weight, impact resistant, and virtually shatter resistant qualities.  Polycarbonate lens are up to ten times more impact and shatter resistant than plastic lens material.  For the same prescription, polycarbonate lens will be significantly lighter than the plastic lens material yet drastically more impact resistant.  Would you want to rely on your regular pair of glasses for safety, knowing they do not provide the impact and shatter resistance of a pair of safety glasses?
Prescription safety glasses not only have robust frames and impact resistant lens they are designed to fit your face well.  When working hard under hot conditions, perspiration can cause your regular glasses to slip down your face.  This will cause an unsafe condition because your face in not protected and your vision is obstructed.  Well fitting safety glasses will stay in place on your face more readily.  There are also prescription safety goggles that have an optional sport strap that can be used to replace the temples and provide an even more snug fit.
Buying a pair of prescription safety glasses in the long run can be less expensive than using your regular glasses on the job.  Because your regular glasses are not as robust as a pair of safety glasses you could very well sustain breakage of your regular glasses.  Then you would have to buy a new pair of regular glasses and would probably decide to buy a pair of prescription safety glasses anyway.  Prescription safety glasses can be made for single vision which has no reading power.  They can also be made with reading power as progressive, no-line bifocal, or as bifocal safety glasses with the same prescription as your regular glasses.  Further, the safety glasses today come in many varying styles and looks.  Our customer’s often called fashion safety glasses because they are stylish as well as robust.  These glasses can be worn outside of work and you will look as good as with your regular fashion glasses.  Don’t you think it is about time you invest in a pair of quality good fitting robust prescription safety glasses?  It will be good for your peace of mind and your wallet.