shutterstock_1216324873.jpgWhy Perscription Sport Glasses Matter, and Why You Should Get a Pair

Regular dress glasses are not suitable protection for many sporting activities. In the US there are about 100,000 physician visits each year due to sports-related eye injuries. Most of them could be prevented by wearing proper prescription sports glasses. Children make up approximately one-third of those physician visits. Therefore, it is extremely important for adults as well as children to own and wear prescription sports glasses.  In order to protect children, kid’s prescription sports glasses are designed for a smaller head to ensure the safety of the wearer whenever they are engaged in sporting activities.

Sports glasses are designed to fit the face snuggly which helps the wearer see better while participating in the sporting activity as opposes to regular glasses with a looser fit that may slide around the face.  The snug fit also protects the eye area of the face better.  The frames are typically goggles that can be worn with straps that afford an even better more snug fit to the face. In general sport glass frames are more robust and flexible causing less broken frames while participating in sports. These frame advantages also lead to better performance due to better vision and eliminating the need to continually adjust your regular eyeglasses as they move around during vigorous activity.  Because kid’s sport glasses are sized and fitted to the child’s face this gives them the freedom to run and move around without the fear of their glasses falling off their face while absorbed in sporting activity. Another advantage of having a pair of sports glasses is it eliminates the possibility of breaking your pair of regular glasses while playing the sport.  Breaking your regular glasses can be costly and inconvenient because you may have to go without your regular glasses until you have time to buy a new pair. Therefore, prescription sport glasses are very cost effective and convenient.

Further, the sport glass frames are outfitted with prescription polycarbonate lenses.  Polycarbonate lens are impact and shatter resistant to offer protection to the eye.  In fact, polycarbonate lens material is ten times more impact and shatter resistant than plastic lens material. Lenses made of polycarbonate material can be easily tinted for use as prescription sunglasses for outdoor sporting activities. Polarized sunglasses can also be made of polycarbonate material to give the sport minded person that extra visual edge during outdoor sporting activities.

Wearing prescription sport sunglasses have many more benefits than saving the eyes from impacts during the activity.  They protect your eyes from UV rays emitted from the sunlight. Exposing your eyes to UV rays over a long period of time can lead to cataracts. The sunglasses also protect from blue light which is part of the light spectrum in sunlight. Unprotected eyes exposed to blue light are known to increase the risk of developing macular degeneration. Wearing sunglasses also eliminates the need to squint in bright sunlight helping you avoid eye strain and headaches. It is especially important for children to wear sunglasses during outdoor activities because the previously mentioned eye diseases happen over years of exposure to sunlight.  The more often kids wear sunglasses while outdoors when they are young keeps their eyes healthier farther into the future.

Paramount Optical has prescription sports glasses on our website.  Search the website to find the best sports prescription glasses to fit your needs. If you live in the area you can stop in and have one of our opticians help you find a pair of sport glasses custom made for you. Prescription sports glasses not only keep you safe during sporting and outdoor activities they also help you avoid breaking your regular pair of glasses while engaging in sporting and outdoor activities. Therefore, keep yourself and your kids safe and worry free by buying a pair of prescription sports glasses to wear during outdoor activities.  They are not only for organized sports but also for just passing the ball around in the backyard or biking on the trails near your home. Therefore, buying prescription sport glasses are the smart thing to do because they are safe and cost effective for you and your children.