January 1st, 2019

Ring in the new year with new glasses!

During the month of January, enjoy savings of 50% off a complete second pair of glasses after a full-pair purchase. This offer is limited to two, complete pairs of glasses only. Enjoy your new vision benefits!

Not a luxury, but a rather smart and safe decision.

A second pair of glasses makes sense not only if you want to change your look, but also in case you misplace or forget your main pair. This is especially imporant for those with presbyopia or contact lenses, or who work on a computer, or who need sun protection and play sports.

This offer can be be combined with vision insurance benefits, but the discount will apply to the pair without vision insurance used. (I.E., first pair will use vision insurance, second pair will receive 50% off). See an optician for details.

Have a safe and healthy new year!